Monday, October 2, 2006

google world, world wide or world wide web ?

It's just a funny post about a strange thing happened just 5 minutes ago ... I need to change my keyboard because it often misses some char, however I was looking for an Italian site when I've quickly digited ...

I read url error but connection was working ... then, what's up ? Google has a personal ww prefix ?
It's really strange, maybe my friend FireFox did it for me ... but hey, it's the same with my enemy IE 7RC1 ... and Opera opened them too !!!

... but, wow, this happen with a single w too, ... and if I search something this work as ... Ok, Ok, the world changes too fast and I'm not updated, let me try .... error ? Why error ?

Why google has 4 ways to be open while every site I know has a maximum of 2 ways ? (,

I don't know if this is a news, I don't know if You known it but I know that doesn't work in this way (but there's a redicert if you try with a single or double w).

It's strange for me and maybe I need to rewrite every url parser that accept http:// or www[0-9]+\. $name .... he he he, who have an updated compatible reg-exp ? :P

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