Friday, October 20, 2006

Unobtrusive JS Pixel Font (Round 2)

If you dont' know why this is the second round You should read this post and its comments .

This is the round 2, or better, the final round for my Pixel Font Engine, now totally based on CANVAS and DOM or based on SWF OBJECTS and one innerHTML for old deprecated browsers or Internet Explorer (really it cames with new version 7 and in WEB 2.0 era it doesn't support canvas ... damn IE7 !!! Why You should use them ?)

new concept
CANVAS or Flsh Player 6 dedicated SWF to render Pixel Font table Objects, because old version was really too mush slow and because canvas are better than nested tables to draw something (and Flash 6 can draw something well too).

Why I've not used VML or other fake canvas for IE ? Because I've tested them and they're all slow for this kind of interaction and excanvas render single pixels in a bad, bad, bad, way ... thery're unreadable !!!

Well, now You can't parse entire page but you can use this font or others created by yourself using pixel font generator ... and, have fun with pixel fonts :)

Here there's a shot of what You should view after onje click on DEMOSTRATION (... and another click to back to normal version)

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