Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bored with something to array convertion ? map them !

I'm rewriting my JSL to include by default inside my next project.
This project will include automatically a lot of standard JS 1.5 methods or functions, and is one of those.

While I'm testing some proto performances, I've thought about a really simple way to switch from an array or from a node list (getElementsByTagName) with a simple, fast and single line of function.

// old example version
// function _A(a){return [],function(a){return a})};

// new version, Daniel suggest, faster and doesn't require any prototype !
function _A(a){return []};

and that's all, do You like it ?

As first point, You need FireFox 1 or greater (or Mozilla if You prefere) or this short piece of code:

if(! = function(callback){
for(var i = 0, j = this.length, result = new Array(j), self = arguments[1], u; i < j; i++) {
if(this[i] !== u)
result[i] =, this[i], i, this);
return result;

Then You have "everything You need" to get quickly every iterable element.

These are just two examples

function sort(){
return _A(arguments).sort().join("<br />");
document.writeln(sort("Luke", "Jabba", "Fenner"));
document.writeln(sort("c", "a", "b"));

var firstScript = _A(document.getElementsByTagName("script")).shift();

var allUnorderedList = _A(document.getElementsByTagName("ul"));

alert(_A(null).constructor === Array); // true ;-)

These nice trick should be used with forEach method too.
Stop for and while loops, each them !

function changeLinks(onclick){
link.onclick = onclick;

changeLinks(function(){, "");
return false;

... and sure, You need forEach prototype too ...

I suppose every other JS 1.5 Array method should be cool enought to work with DOM nodes too ... do You agree ?

Are thinking about performances ? Well guys, quite the same of generic loops, even faster (works in core) with every FireFox !!!

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