Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Web or Potatoes ?

Yesterday TV (TG1) said that a job called "Potatoes Watcher" is paid 8,00 euro each hour.
In Italy a web/desktop developer with 10 years experience and more than one official certification is paid about 4 or 5 euro each hour.

Potatoes Watcher look for bad potatoes 40 hours each week.

An expert web/desktop developer study every day new languages, new technologies and creates program quite more complex than a potato ... about 60 hours each week (but paid for 40 hours).

I'm really thinking to change my job, sending curriculum vitae to italian potatoes factory.

I'll probably have more chance to grow up my own salary and why not, my potatoes skill too, even having less work to do.

This is Information Technology in Italy and that's why We are on Top Ten of Europe UnTechnology.

Regards (and please, eat potatoes!)

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