Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[ES4] ... too horrible to be an editor ...

... but probably simple enough for these milestones.

Its name is ES4me, it's for windows and works in this way:

  • download the file in your es4 folder, where there is the run.exe and the es4.bat file

  • double click

Basically, there is a place to write something, where for some reason TABS are usable only with CTRL + TAB instead of single TAB key, a panel where errors or output will be showed, and finally, 5 buttons:

  • Run, to execute the code

  • Clear, to clear the code in the area

  • Add Before, to add area code before execution

  • Get Before, to add in area the code added before

  • Clear Before, to clear content added before

Here some example:

var i:int = 123;

Press Run, and You'll read 123 on output panel.
Now press clear, and area will be without text.
Write again ...

var i:int = 123;

Without the print, now press Add Before, area will be clean again ... BUT, write this:


and press Run, you'll read 123 in the output panel.
This mean that precedent code is in ram, and is present on output but not in the area.
Of course, if you Add Before print(i); , this will be executed after var i:int = 123;

This is useful to add classes or other scripts, just tested.
Now, if you press Get Before, the entire content will be added to the area, after current one, if any.

Finally, with Clear Before, everything in the Ram will be cleaned.

Simple? Last thing: every time you press Run, code is compiled in a new enviroment.

That's it, and sorry for this horrible debugger ... but time is never enough :)

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