Wednesday, February 20, 2008 goes off line !

... or, to be honest, that's what it's gonna do in few days, but PHP version is out!

You can find every information about server side version of packed it directly in this page.

I am not joking when I said that is probably the fastest optimized client files server you can find over the net, even with an uncompiled program language like PHP.

The key is the JOT compiler, compile one time, serve all the time without paranoia, saving bandwidth for both server and client, avoiding the usage of gz handlers, avoiding runtime compression, avoiding whathever you want, and finally, having the possibility to serve js, css, or both with a single file.

Discover by yourself how long server need to serve, for example, jQuery ... less than one millisecond without louds of requests ... please look at X-Served-In header, if you do not trust me :P

What's new? You do not need to pass in site to compile your projects, you can just serve and compile them directly from your one.

To Do:
Python PSP and SWGI version, C# version and finally, Jaxter version for server side JavaScript auto compilation in itself language ... does it sound good?

Enjoy, and please do not ignore totally PayPal Donation :D


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