Thursday, July 17, 2008

Google Code Jam, or better, how to feel a 100% idiot !

Update 2

Congratulations! The results of the Google Code Jam 2008 Qualification Round are now official, and we're happy to announce that you have advanced to Round 1

Cheers :D


Guys, I do not know what Google judges will think about him/her, but in my mind, the qualification winner, for Python language, is the user camrdale, currently in position 40 of global score grid.

That code is extremely clear (come on, that is Python, how can be different!), essential, and the logic is probably not the perfect one, but is so linear that you can understand the problem even without reading them.

Well done camrdale, and good luck for the contest :geek:

Guys, honestly, I did not think about that kind of selection only to participate, bloody hell!

First of All, the selection started at 11pm, and since I am an employee, and an hard worker as well, I though: who care? I have 24 hours to partecipate.

This is not true at all, I have discovered only after an entire day of work, programming in front at two monitors, drinking 3 red stuff and having 2 coffee, that the classification, or the total score, is based on both results, and when you commit your result.

But who had time to read the task before? Not me, honestly!

This simply means that USA, and vampires a part, nobody could stay in the top of that list.

I was so newbye in this contest, that the instant I went in the page, after login, I started to read the task, downloading automatically the first example file. no way, bad choice as first step, so first task failed because of time, well done!

After that, I chose the second task.
I truly feel like an idiot because I still have not understand at all what the hell is the correct check to avoid trains conflicts. But I hope i will discover soon them, because I am sure somebody more fresh than me understand perfectly the task, and properly solved them.

The last one is probably the most simple one, logically speaking, but at 10:30PM and after 14 hours spent in front of my PC, I really do not know who I am, how can I remember correct geometry permutations?

One think in my mind: I am an idiot!

So thank you for the opportunity Google team, I am sure next year I will ask a week of holidays to participate in another contest like that.

Kind Regards

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