Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Fix

Update 2008/09/04
I have created a new version that should be able to recognise the correct Google directory in every supported windows, and not only English version.

Please do not hesitate to tell me if the created link for No Sandbox Option is not creating it properly, thank you.

Google Chrome Fix Multi Language OS

I successfully tested the new browser in my laptop, while today I had some headache at work.

This is the reason I created in few minutes a simple Windows Application that let you choose which option you want to solve crashes during Google Chrome startup:

The application failed to initialize properly (0x00000005). Press Ok to terminate application.

Please note that the registry fix option changes a key that should solve Symantec problems, but it is not clear if this key could change security level for those PC that use Symantec end point protection, or similar softwares.

In every other case, the GUI create a link to launch Chrome without multiple sandbox, and if I am not wrong, it should mean that multi tab will not be multi thread.

Here you can find the project page, where there is a download section and an executable file.

Thanks to AutoIt developers, and ~d-bliss for the icon.

Enjoy :)

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