Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yahtzee! On Line to print or simply play

You know ... sometimes in 2009 a dice based game could be an evening resolution or simply nice time to spend with somebody else.
I was out of paper and after the second try to draw manually the Yahtzee table I though: Why on earth I do not create a table to play with?

Here I am: Yahtzee! on line
You can print in landscape and reuse the paper 4 times (two tables in the front, two in the back) or to be even more green, you can simply put your green laptop in the corner of the table and play with the interactive table.
I usually play with F11 option (full screen browser), but I am not sure the automatic score is a good idea (more interesting to count manually who is winning, isn't it?)

Have fun :)

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