Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Web Terminator Salvation - Google Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame Bookmark, if you are surfing for whatever reason in IE, right click in precedent link, add to favorite and save as: FINALLY THE WEB, or simply copy this code and past in the website url you are surfing with IE

// corrected via kangax

It's the beginning of a Web Revolution, it's the dream of every Web developer, it's the annihilation of the most slow, problematic, non-standard, engine ever: the whatever version inside Internet Explorer!

It's the "Say Fucking What? Buggy Flash Player Yes For Ages And Chrome Frame No?" era, it's something I've been trying for ages without that direct switch, provided by this plug-in, able to forget Internet Explorer except its frame (weird choice about the name though, Google) ... it's the new stats where IE could increase again it's market share who fuckin' care as long as we can finally develop real web applications, is the no more need to wait that pachyderm libraries development ... is that ...

... uh wait, now we have another IE scenario to test ...

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