Saturday, September 10, 2011

My New Programming Language

yeah, you read it correctly ... we all need another better programming language because everything we've done until now sucks.

What Sucks

  • the fact we don't learn by mistakes, which means all of us should instantly try to create a new "secretly open source programming language" so that the rest of the world can only endure it once it's out, rather than contribute to make it better/needed as it's happening since at least 5 years with JavaScript in all possible, and truly open, channels

  • the fact Java, .NET, and all others failed ... 'cause we are still looking for a new programming language in these days where C++ X11 has been approved while C never died

  • the fact we keep thinking that performances are possible only with compiled languages forgetting that better algorithms, better practices, better tools to develop and track leaks, memory consumptions, CPU/GPU cycles, can make any software fast enough or ...

  • ... the fact new standards are coming to help us with performances, as is for OpenCL, and new techniques are already available to speed up common tasks, as is for Statically Typed Collections

  • the fact we are blaming JavaScript because is the most used programming language and as is for "the most used whatever thing" out there more people will complain about it and even more people will enjoy it ( e.g. the unbelievable growing speed of node.js community and all latest server side JS related projects )

  • the fact if a programming language is part of the scripting group it's considered a toy regardless the fact any sort of application out of billions is working right now out there without major security, performances, or design problems

  • the fact that compiled programming language developers are not necessarily superior or more skilled than scripters ... the world of Software would be perfect otherwise and the Web as we know it, the good one, would not exist

  • the fact that if a programming language is appreciated and used by senior professionals as well as week end hobbyist must mean that language is weak and it needs to be substituted

  • the fact that experience is a key, and with a new language it will be completely lost and all sort of inevitable problems or solutions will not be instantly available to the community

  • the fact that if it's possible to translate this new fantastic language into JavaScript for backward compatibility, everything new this language will bring tomorrow was already possible today

As Summary

Looking forward for the revolution and looking forward to forget that OpenCL even existed.
Let's hope at least all Operating Systems companies will agree, let's hope it will be the universal language we have been dreaming about since ever ... let's hope ... and sorry for this surely not needed rant.
Update A must read post from BrendanEich who is apparently sharing my point of view with more technical reasons.
Alex Russel also on Google & the Future of JavaScript gives us something more about what's going on there, nice one.

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