Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Internet Explorer Security Hole - A Better Example

Again, about the security hole I talked about last posts, but this time with a really simple example.

How does the example work

  • Open Internet Explorer, whatever version

  • Go in this page

  • Write a fake user name and a fake password, or a fake email address and a password

  • Click Submit

What does the example do

  • Emulates user actions via javascripts

  • with some version of IE, it could be able to grab both fields values

  • in any case, it demonstrates you that every site could steal your compiled fields in every other site, if the autocomplete option is not forced to be disabled

What could do a malicious, and hidden, code

  • steal your data

  • steal your email

  • steal your credit card information (a really famous company, as example, suffers this problem, so somebody could steal credit cards details of million of people)

  • steal your details

  • steal your searches via common search engines

  • etc, etc

More details in my old post I wrote last Saturday, the one that few people read carefully, understanding what was going on.

This is not a new bug, it exists, and I knew it, since 2004 or before, when banks did not use security checks, yet.

Kind Regards, and please choose another browser until Microsoft will not fix this problem for every IE.

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