Wednesday, September 17, 2008

jSmile 0.4 - Stand alone Version

nic comment:
hey. thank u for that awesome plugin. how can i download the smilie package? i want to host them on my webspace because i want to be independet from other hosters.

I have recently updated my jQuery plugin, called jSmile, and the biggest news is that it does not require anymore external resources.

Thanks to inline uri data, the script now comes "full optionals", or better, with base64 encoded GIFs images included.

Instead of external CSS classes, images, and cross host dependencies, jSmile can now easily be integrated in every http or https site, and without network delays.

Its size is obviously bigger than before, but using a minifier and gzip compression, it fits perfectly under 7Kb.


  • Chrome

  • FireFox

  • Internet Explorer 8

  • Opera

  • Safari

  • WebKit

Enjoy ;)

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