Thursday, August 13, 2009

HTML5 sessionStorage and RC4 for "every" browser

Version 1.4 has been commented here.

  • fixed iframe problem, now standard behavior

  • a singleton for each context (window, frame)

  • same storage area for each context (main top window)

  • no more disabled flag, typeof sessionStorage !== "undefined" to use it

  • waiting to understand how exactly events are fired but the code is ready to manage them

Yesterday night I twitted about it, this evening I've finally found time to write down the Home Page in Google Code.

You will find everything in the home page, or in the source code, while here there is a first basic demo to try out.

I would like to know your opinion about it, so do not hesitate to write some comment!

P.S. please note that the minified version, once gzipped, is less than 1.5Kb ... enjoy ;)

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